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DAVID G. : The new owners and staff at Roses have become part of my family.  The laughter and warmth they offer makes an excellent learning Atmosphere.
LINDA D. : The knowledge of the new owners and staff is incredible.  They make it easy and enjoyable to learn, plus the support they offer makes everyone feel special and welcome.
LIZ G. : As a newer student at Roses, I have had an eye opening experience of what is possible with glass, and the fact that I too can do it.
SHEILA B. : Taking a beginner’s class at Roses Glassworks for foil stained glass was excellent! Pam was a patient, calm and very supportive instructor. The atmosphere in the class was inspiring and encouraging for the level that you entered, and ensures that you leave the class with a understanding of the glass material and the fundamentals of creating stained glass art with your eye on the potentials of future stained glass creations. (my only word of caution: please be aware that you too could get addicted to Roses Glassworks for the art and the company you meet there!!!)
GINA C. : On October 4th, Pam helped me choose the supplies I needed to make a 16" round mosaic of a cat climbing into a ship's porthole.  It was intended as a gift for my 84 year old father, a former Navy Commander and a storyteller.   The picture was inspired by an illustration he had done for one of his stories.  This weekend, I delivered the finished piece to him, and we installed it on top of an actual ship's porthole which he had installed years ago in his home office.  The mosaic was a huge hit with my Dad.   Thanks for your help, Pam.  It was important to me that it be done well, and I was nervous going into it.  You assured me it would be a simple process and you were right.  I appreciate the confidence boost.
PAULA S. : I just purchased two pendants yesterday (Saturday, Oct 4th) and it was my first visit to your wonderful studio. Thank you so much for taking time to show me around and giving me the information on your "quilt"!I can't tell you how impressed I was with the beauty you display, and the obvious pride you take in your talents and your business. What an honor to have finally met you. You and your wonderful wife have a great place that I know I will come back to visit soon! Bye the way, your web site is fabulous as well; I found the frog, and the dragonfly.. the ones I picked out and admired in the photo! Thanks again.. Paula
Karen M.: Just a note to let you know how happy I am with the results of the door panels. They fit perfectly and look great. Thanks again, Karen