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PAM : Owner and head instructor for all classes. Always quick with a hug and a smile, Pam is the reason that Roses is such a success.
MITCH : Our technical guru, instructor, and in-house musician. Mitch's goal is for you to be successful with glass - and to have fun.
TONIA: Our retail person who helps in the classroom; creates splendid artwork that adorns our walls; and is the person you can count on to always make you smile.
ROCKY : The Artist in Residence. Not only is she an accomplished glass artist, but she is well known in several different mediums. Ask her to see it. You'll be impressed.
MARCIA : A Master Gardener and equally masterful at helping you create beautiful glass art. Articulate and crafty, she embodies the term "Artist".
JUDY : Takes great joy in helping every student discover their artistic talent.
ROY : Quick with a smile, he loves to help people discover the beauty in creation of glass art..
MELISSA : This soft spoken artist is the perfect example of art production. She loves helping you achieve your glass aspirations.
RICHARD and JARED: These two instructors bring out the Fun in Stained Glass and push the stereotype of "boring artist" right out the window..

Roses Glassworks History -

Originally started as a stained glass and antique shop “The Back Porch”. The business was later renamed Rose’s Glassworks and Gifts.

Purchased March 1, 2007 by Pam and Mitch McDougal was incorporated under the name Roses Glassworks Art Glass School Inc. because of the couple’s fondness for the “City of Roses”.

The studio is constantly undergoing a wonderful transformation with more inventory, new looks and customer service, with energy and integrity.