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Special Recognition

Mitch's Frog on Lily Pad
As members of the former “Association of Stained Glass Lamp Artists”, Pam and Mitch participated in a charity functions that creates glass quilt squares that are assembled into privacy screens. Long gone but never forgotten, these screens are still shown in homes, businesses and museums around the world.
The artists participating were from all over the world, and when complete this quilt square screen is taken to various hospitals, rest home facilities, schools, etc. so that people from all walks of life can enjoy and appreciate the beauty of glass art.
Pam's Dragonfly

Roses Glassworks Art Glass School strongly believes in and supports programs
in our public and private schools. We donate our time, facilities and kiln firings
to various schools for yearly charity auctions.

  Valley Catholic Auction Platter  

Roses Glassworks constantly gives back to those who help us succeed. Through charity auctions, planning parties for our students and for no other reason than to say thank you.