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Beginning Stained Glass

Beginning Stained Glass classes involve the cutting, grinding and fitting of colored pieces of glass together into a pre-determined pattern.

Foil class involves the use of a copper adhesive tape placed around the edges of the glass, then the soldering of all foil lines. This creates a strong and attractive lead line holding all glass pieces together.

Lead class uses a grooved lead “came” to fit around glass pieces. This lead came is cut and bent to form around the cut shapes of glass, then soldered at the joints. An equally strong and attractive choice for working with stained glass.

In the beginning classes, we have specific patterns for the student to use, which aid in the learning of specialized techniques for stained glass. Please enjoy the photos of some more popular beginning patterns.

Click on any image, above or below, to see a larger picture.

Tuition $125.00. Glass is additional.